Data management We can assist with organizing your data and setup a structure where you can securely store your data in correspondence with our backup strategy, for data archiving, ease of access, and in a manageable manner. Technical Support We will establish a single point of contact in the form of our CRM and Support Ticketing system for all of your company’s hardware, software problems, and issues. Our Support Ticketing system, allows us to keep track of various issues and incidents logged by our clients, for review and analysis so that we are able to draw up plans, solutions and preventative measures to address frequently logged queries.
We will also prepare thorough response and action plans should risks, threats, or problems arise.
Disaster Recovery with your data structured and organized in line with our backup strategy, backup and recovery solutions that will instantly secure copies of each vital business data and restore deleted original files will be implemented, in the event that that your main system servers lose information either through system crashes, faulty hard drives, theft or other possible mechanism that cause data loss. Security & Risk Management We will monitor each of your networks, and systems to identify potential or current risks, threats, and weaknesses. We will then assess all findings in terms of impact and develop corrective or preventive strategies.
  • Cloud Solutions.
  • ICT Business Analysis.
  • Software Development.
  • Network Security.
  • ICT Hardware and Software.
  • Voip Telelephone Solutions.
  • ICT Infrastructure Maintenance and Support.

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