Main Areas Of business


  • Cloud Solutions
  • Web Design & hosting
  • Consulting: Information Technology
  • Remote & Onsite IT-Technical Support
  • Computer Repairs & Upgrades
  • Computer Parts & Supplies
  • Computer Consumables Reseller
  • Server, Computer Installations & Assembly
  • Wired & Wireless Network & CCTV Installations
  • Service Provider
  • Backup & Storage Management & Services

Consulting: Information Technology


Our Aim will be to improve business growth of small and medium enterprises whose IT infrastructure will play a key role in increasing revenue, by advising clients as to which products, software and computer equipment should be considered/ implemented or is particularly relevant for their business or home stations. This will also help In preventing unnecessary expenditure on products that will not be used within the clients business.


  • Strategic Implementation of ICT systems
  • Risk Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Asset Management


LAN/WAN & CCTV Installation

  • Our IT support services are available as follows:
  • Remote IT support
  • Ticketing
  • Info Centre
  • Management Reports
  • Desktop Migration
  • Security/Anti virus
  • Audit and Inventory
  • On Site IT Support
  • In House Technicians, More


In this area of business we will be offering Technical support for clients or private users who are may not be technically inclined who have purchased new computers, software or any type of technical hardware or equipment, we can assist in setup the following:




All proposed systems will be presented in detail in a document format, and Technology Infrastructure Architects will provide IT support and consulting for each system we install but will only be executed according to the SLA agreement. More

Computer Repairs:


This area of business will correspond with the proposed IT technical support services and this service will also be provided not only to contract business clients & home users but also to private clients. We could also supply second hand equipment for outdated parts.



The hardware that will be replaced for faulty ones will be priced at a reasonable percentage after cost price.

All equipment will be thoroughly tested and evaluated and presented to the client before being replaced or deemed as faulty or irreparable and if requested by the client for total cost of labour charge and cost to replace the faulty equipment, a reasonable quote will be issued to the client.

Our services fee will vary from area/location to area/location.


Computer Components to Be Serviced / Repaired:


  • Motherboards
  • RAM Module
  • Graphics Cads
  • PCI Cards
  • Power supply
  • Printers
  • Routers, Switches, Hubs & Patch Panels
  • Desktops, Notebook, Tablets & phones
  • Wireless Access Points, Satellites & Network Cables
  • Servers

Basic Technical & Repairs Labour:


1. Back Up Of Data

2. Hardware Inspection & Testing

1) Motherboard

2) Power Supply

3) CPU Performance & Temperature

4) Graphics Card Performance & Temperature


6) RAM Modules Performance Test

7) External PCI/PCIE Cards

3. Software analysis and Virus Scan

4. Operating Systems & Basic Software Re-Installation (If required)

5. Cable Maintenance

6. Cleaning of dust and Dirt on hardware






Contact Details:

Jayson Mnguni

Managing Director & IT Engineer

Cell: 073 919 3176


Dumisani Mkhwebane

Managing Director & IT Engineer

Cell: 082 665 8359