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Business critical data isn’t called “critical” for nothing, but protecting it properly doesn’t have to be complicated with Technology Infrastructure Architects  online backup solution. Automated online backup from Technology Infrastructure Architects  offers a simple solution with daily automated off-site back-ups in to the cloud that are safe, secure and easy to manage – for a low fixed monthly fee.



Every year businesses create more and more data, and every year advances in communication technology enable us to disperse it further and faster around the globe. But with that ability comes a heavy responsibility to ensure this information is properly backed up and can be recovered in a crisis.



Technology Infrastructure Architects Online Back-up provides a range of scalable and flexible solutions that take the risk out of your back-up processes, ensuring that you are able to recover critical data in seconds over your internet connection.


Operated through a user-friendly interface, the system automatically backs up selected data from a server or workstation every day according to schedules that you can set in advance. Any files that have changed since the previous backup are automatically copied, compressed, encrypted and sent via a secure Internet connection to a storage platform in the Technology Infrastructure Architects  data centre, which is then mirrored to another data centre.





Technology Infrastructure Architects  Online Backup if flexible and offers different licensing options (workstations or server options) and storage requirements for your data backup. Technology Infrastructure Architects allows you to select the amount of storage you required for both laptops and servers. You can then allocate storage to groups of servers, laptops or workstations enabling you to better manage your storage requirements. For a small fee, our professional services division can provide onsite support and assist where large data 'imports' are required.


Technology Infrastructure Architects Online Backup Desktop and Laptop enables you to back up data from desktop PCs and notebooks running Windows or Mac to an off-site data centre via Internet connection. Whether you wish to protect a single machine or hundreds. The self-administration portal allows you to provide your backup administrators easy access and control to add or remove users seamlessly, adjust data policy all via a single console. Recovery is as simple as selecting the items you wish to restore, choosing a location and clicking a button. The portal provides easy reporting to administrators to identify any errors and failures as well as when users last backed up their data. Online backup can support a number of different workstation operating systems: Technology Infrastructure Architects  online Backup Desktop & Laptop Edition.


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