Wired/ Wireless Network, Access Control & CCTV Installations


All proposed systems will be presented in detail in a document format, and Technology Infrastructure Architects will provide IT support and consulting for each system we install but will only be executed according to the SLA agreement.


  • Any systems we implement will include both wired & wireless networks systems and devices to create an environment where users will be able to access the network and share data anywhere on the premises.
  • Wired/ Wireless Network, Access Control & CCTV systems will be designed by Technology Infrastructure Architects as a package to be presented to clients in both an affordable standardised version and Advanced version.
  • Despite the above point clients will still be given the opportunity to select/choose a systems of their preference.
  • Devices such as Access Points for wireless connectivity, and basic network points & Switches for wired connections will also be installed, but only after the systems have been presented to the client and has accepted the proposed system.
  • CCTV systems will also be installed through wired and wireless devices and systems to insure that clients benefit from the advantages that both wired and wireless installations provide.



Installation procedure


Before any particular installation of any nature, audits will be performed by Technology Infrastructure Architects Technicians/ personnel at the client’s site /base of operations and only after the information gathered from the audit team has been assessed can we determine the overall planning of the installations, work hours and total cost of the project.


Detailed information of our findings after the audit will be presented to the client including a detailed quotation of all equipment, tools, work hours and the processes that will be taken for the project to be a success.

Only after the client has assessed the information for them self’s and accepts the presented information and quote and gives the go-ahead will Technology Infrastructure Architects proceed to do the requested


Fault Reporting and billing


  • Each fault will be issued to Clients with a unique reference number for tracking by Technology Infrastructure Architects.
  • No additional 24 HR / weekend work or purchases will be done without clients expressed request. Preferred process is to receive a Purchase order number from Technology Infrastructure Architects for any purchases.
  • Purchase order will be quoted on any relative invoice submitted by Technology Infrastructure Architects will be able to show proof to Clients of any work that it has carried out.
  • Technology Infrastructure Architects on site engineers will carry time sheets to show when / where / what work was done. A signed copy with be left at Clients premises for internal tracking and ensuring that work is logged and transparent to all parties.

Contact Details:

Jayson Mnguni

Managing Director & IT Engineer

Cell: 073 919 3176

Email: Jayson@tia-solutions.co.za

Dumisani Mkhwebane

Managing Director & IT Engineer

Cell: 082 665 8359

Email: Dumisani@tia-solutions.co.za