Computer Setup & Assembly:

In this area of business we will be offering Technical support for clients or private users who may not be technically inclined and have purchased new computers, software or any type of technical hardware or equipment. We can assist in setup the following:


  • Software such as: Microsoft Windows, Server, Apple, Linux, Microsoft Office and Anti Viruses etc.
  • Various computer components such as: Power supplies, Graphics Card, PCI cards etc.
  • Basic computer setups such: Desktops, Monitors, Mouse’s & Key Boards etc.
  • Routers and Service Provider connectivity & Setup etc.


Computer Supplies:


We will supply the latest and most productive affordable computer supplies for our clients. Ranging from PC components to fully assembled Computers, software and consumables. Clients will have the option of selecting the components they would like to have in their computers, and we will supply the assembly service, as per client’s specifications. This will ensure affordability as it will be based on an individual's own needs

Other Consumables such as printers, scanners, routers, switches cables, patch panels and IP Phone devices/PABX systems, services will be provided also.


1. Computer Parts & Consumables: Users will be afforded the opportunity to select the various PC component of their choosing, from motherboard to the Desktop Casing. The components will consist of RAM Modules, Hard Disk Drives, Various PCI Cards for extensions like wireless Cards, Sound Cards or Network Cards with multiple network ports, Power Supply, CD/DVD ROMs and various Cooling Systems.


2. Printers: we will also be stocking Toners, cartridges and other printer devices like spare parts for faulty printers, but this type of services will only be conducted on older printers or printers that are out of warranty, any printer that is still under warranty will be sent back to the supplier.


3. Scanners: The same service principles that will be applied to the Printer service will be conducted plus-minus the same to scanners, as they are devices of a similar nature.


4. Routers, Switches, Patch Panels: All routers, switches Patch panels and IP Phone devices/PABX systems that are under warranty will be sent back to the supplier, any other devices that are out of life/warranty or older will be sent for testing or repairs to trusted contracted specialists in networking  devices, and after receiving results from contractors we will advise the client taking from the results given by the contractors as to what will be the best decision for the client in terms of whether to buy/replace or repair the faulty device.


5. Cables: will vary from CCTV camera cables, Standard Cat5E or Cat6 networking cables, and also fibre, CCTV camera cables.



Contact Details:

Jayson Mnguni

Managing Director & IT Engineer

Cell: 073 919 3176


Dumisani Mkhwebane

Managing Director & IT Engineer

Cell: 082 665 8359